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The group’s founder and CEO is Dimitris Grivas.

The baker and food technologist Dimitris Grivas has created more than 400 stores in his professional career and is a technical consultant to the largest bakery chains in Greece and Europe. He specializes in discovering new products and techniques at industrial and artisanal level.

He taught breadmaking from 2009 to 2012 at the Hellenic Public Bakers School in Greece, while as an associate of the University of Breadmaking in Finland during the same period, he trained students and taught traditional Greek breadmaking techniques. At his private school, he teaches the employees of some of the largest companies in Greece, passing on his professional philosophy and culture through seminars, lectures and hands-on training.

With professional cooperation in Europe, the USA and Asia, Dimitris Grivas is among the most leading breadmaking consultants, sharing his know-how and experience with the largest bakery companies.